Foreign Travel Recipes

Ideas and inspirations from my International travels


 Thai Flavored Paleo Ice Creams

Here are the recipes for my Paleo ice cream. Most use a base of Coconut Whole Fat Milk, which you can find in the Asian section of a grocery store and Coconut Creme, which you can find at an Asian specialty stores, Trader Joe’s, or Amazon. Because Amazon has everything. Except Angry Birds sushi. Includes Ginger Rum Paleo Ice Cream, Mango “Sticky Rice” Ice Cream, and Irish Coffee Paleo Ice Cream. Read more here…


Australia Eats

So I’m on a 23 day honeymoon right now. And I’m eating like I was starved for the 23 days before this trip. Byeeeee eating Paleo healthy!

Being foodies, my husband and I love to experience new restaurants, from the very cheap to the fine dining. To find the best, we (ahem, I) search TripAdviser, Google reviews, and local websites to find the city’s favorites.

Here were our most loved restaurants in Sydney and the Whitsunday Islands read more here…

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