Sweet Things

For the sweet tooth, your sweetheart, and for when you’re feeling a little sinful


Paleo Ice Cream with Thai Inspirations: Ginger Rum, Mango “Sticky Rice” Ice Cream, Irish Coffee

I recently took a trip to Thailand where inspiration for flavors and adventures are around each and every corner and usually in unexpected places. The more I explored, the further I travelled, I became pleasantly lost in a country of spices, flavors, curiosities and wonderfully warm people. The flavors and adventures plus birthday present in the form of an ice cream maker inspired me to make “Thai” Ice Cream once I returned home. Read more here…



Farm Fresh Blackberry Ice Cream with Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette

Blackberries are in season and they pair amazing with fresh, organic cream. Aged balsamic vinegar reduced with sugar provides an unexpected salty topping for your fresh ice cream. Get ready to cheat and like it, because here’s the delicious recipe. Read more here..


Linzer Hearts: The Originals

These Linser Hearts are the traditional version with raspberry filling and a powdered sugar top. Linzder Hearts are soft, melt-in-your-mouth, jammy-sugar goodness. They’ve won the “Holiday Cookie Smackdown” now three separate years at my “real” Finance job. If Finance has fun with them, everyone will have fun with them. Read more here…


Dark Chocolate Peppermint Linzer Hearts

Linzer Hearts: Dark Chocolate and Peppermint

These Linzer Hearts are based on the original, but with a Christmas-y chocolate-y goodness. Linzer Hearts are generally made with raspberry filling and a powdered sugar top. They’re super flaky and light. This version’s chocolate glaze and peppermint cream cheese frosting melt into the cookie leaving it literally melt-in-your-mouth yummy. Read more here…



Linzer Hearts: Fig and Toasted Walnuts with Goat Cheese Frosting

Alright now, we’re about to get a little bit crazy on the Linzer Heart variations. This one was dreamed when I started to think about using wheat flour in my Linzer Hearts. I thought about what I’d like to have on a nice, dark wheat piece of toast and immediately thought of goat cheese. Read more here…



Linzer Hearts: Raspberry with Rosemary Lemon Glaze

These Linser Hearts are based on the original, but with a little twist. Lindser Hearts are generally made with raspberry filling and a powdered sugar top, but my experimenting resulted in a lemony-herby version of them. Read more here…



Strawberry Shortcake with Bourbon Whipped Cream

This post is an ode to my mother, who made me my first strawberry shortcake. This is similar to her shortcake with a few twists. First, I will take any excuse to add bourbon to a recipe, including “hey this would taste better if I was drinking bourbon.” Second, a little lemon zest because why not. And third, some cream cheese frosting because we’re not here on this post to make something healthy (sorry, Paleo fans). Read more here…

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